Political Science, Sociology and International Relations – PSSIR Conference

Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR) Conference

Politics and Society in a Globalizing World: Issues, Actors, and Explanations

Scholarly research and reflection can help to explain or, at least, provide insights into issues and actors that drive, resist or seek to obstruct change in politics, society and international relations in a changing global environment. Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR) Conference 2018 is a premiere Academic Research Conference in which scholars from different countries, with diverse scholarly interests and orientations, can engage in exploring and exchanging experiences, observations, comparisons and theories of importance to understanding the perceptions, policies and actions of particular actors and communities, as well as issues and developments of wider, actual or potential significance in a globalising world. Participation in PSSIR provides the opportunity to enrich the knowledge and understanding of the person(s) presenting a paper, the audience attending the conference, readers of the conference proceedings, and the wider audience of scholars, students and communities with which they, in turn, engage.

Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin

Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin

Chairman, Board of Governors, Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF)
Chairman, Bank of China (Australia)
Former Speaker Parliament of Australia
Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategy and Planning)
Curtin University of Technology
Former Pro Vice Chancellor International, Victoria University

Assoc. Prof. Andrew T. H. Tan

Assoc. Prof. Andrew T. H. Tan

Security Studies and Criminology
Macquarie University, Australia
“Asia’s Strategic Environment”

PSSIR 2018 Conference Proceedings: Print ISSN: 2251-2403, E-Periodical ISSN: 2251-2411 will be published and submitted to several indexing partners.

Journal on Law and Social Sciences: All authors who present their papers at the conference will be invited to submit an extended version of their research paper for the GSTF Journal of Law and Social Sciences (JLSS) – Print ISSN: 2251-2853, E-periodical: 2251-2861. All submitted papers will go through a blind review process for acceptance and will be published without additional cost (digital).

Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards will be conferred at the conference (in order to qualify for the award, the paper must be presented at the conference).
PSSIR 2018 will also constitute a Special Panel Session.
Panel Proposals are invited for submission. A minimum of three papers centering on a specific topic will be accepted for submission under Panel Category.

Dr. Edwin Rosenberg
Dr. Edwin Rosenberg
Appalachian State University
Prof. Clive Napier
Prof. Clive Napier
University of South Africa
South Africa

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